logo_gsystms2_143x59Welcome to our website. You may also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and a few other websites.

We are a social enterprise on a mission to enable others. Tell us what you are doing, and let us help, even if in some tiny way.

The philosophy behind our value capture is minimisation, as opposed to maximisation (taught in most business schools) which we believe destroys the economy by making everyone else a pauper. Our costs to you can be negotiated – profit-sharing, fixed price, time & materials, or nothing – depending on what you are trying to achieve. For a worthy cause, we will gladly help gratis.

Our core competency is IT & Management Consulting. We are trained in developing leadership and mentoring. We currently focus on Strategic Consulting at the Board level, having worked with many industry sectors, across geographies & cultures, on a variety of projects & portfolios.

We help on the Boards of a few Charities too, and seek a few more. If you can help/contribute, please contact us.